GSSA Board Members 

How exciting it is to be a part of such a strong breed association. We invite you to join the Georgia Simmental Simbrah association. The benefits are endless! Simmental cattle add so much in crossbreeding programs. The commercial herds based from British breeds realize a huge benefit from adding Simmental genetics into their herd. The Simmental breeders have been very busy working hard to change our cattle to fit into today’s market. We strive to produce a high growth, easy calving, moderate framed, easy fleshing and attractive red or black animal. The Simmental influenced heifers make highly sought after commercial cows because of their highly valued maternal traits.

As you visit our webpage you will notice GSSA always has something exciting happening. GSSA members sponsor an annual field day that is always fun and informative. The annual state sponsored sale is so beneficial to the members and commercial cattlemen. We are involved in Georgia cattlemen’s association events, several shows ,expo’s, and just about any event that promotes our breed.

If you are looking for an energetic group to get your children involved in please look hard at joining them up with the GSSA Junior association. The dedicated advisors make huge sacrifices to ensure that GSSA Juniors have a good time. The advisors work hard to make arrangements for juniors to be involved in local, state, regional and national shows along with the annual GSSA Junior show. The point system really makes it that much more interesting.

GSSA has approximately 100 members at this time and we are steadily growing. Please consider joining in the excitement of a breed that has been and always will be a huge part of the cattle industry in Georgia. 

Pride yourself in growing the best! SIMMENTAL

Cole Elrod
President of GSSA

  • 2016-17 Officers and Directors

  • Donna Priest, Secretary/Treasurer